About Swandoo

Swandoo was founded in 2014 as a brand for innovative family lifestyle solutions. Combining a talented international design team with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, the company has set out to become a smart companion for modern families, enhancing the well-being of parents and their children.
The next generation of car seats started with the launch of the design awardwinning Albert in Europe in 2019. An exciting line-up of other products will follow. Swandoo is based in Vienna, with its own manufacturing in Suzhou, China.

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Brand philosophy

Swandoo’s aim is to cover all children and their parents needs from birth until 12 years of age.

The products are designed to deliver a memorable experience on multiple levels: to give you peace of mind every time you use our products. To simplify your family life, making it more enjoyable and give you more peace of mind. And finally, to give you stories to tell and share with others.

In the coming months other products will complete the car seat assortment consistent to meet the needs of modern conscientious parents.

Swandoo have dedicated their clever and smart car seat to the famous German scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstien.
Albert being installed in the vehicle with the base wins the 3rd best score ever obtained since the implementation of the new test protocol in 2015, becoming an award-winning icon in both safety and design.

Swandoo believe every newborn is special and full of potential that will flourish with the right love and support.

According to Florian Königswenger, Senior Engineer R&D at Swandoo:

“We love the challenge of simplifying the product while improving safety to the next level. It is very exciting for us and requires a lot of attention to every single detail.”

Hitting the right notes with the brand philosophy, and giving a great validation to the Swandoo team, Nicolas Gonzalez-Garrido, Chief Designer, stresses:

“As parents who develop products for our own children, this award recognizes the quality of the work we do, with so much love, care, and dedication. As a small team, it is very humbling and motivates us to continue working in more solutions to help other families, like ours, to achieve a better and more joyful lifestyle.”

Design awards winner

German design award 2019

Reddot Design Award 2017